Thai Massage Rosebery and Mascot, near Sydney.

Thai Massage Botany services provided by Ban Butsaba aim to please. We provide a wide range of massage services, giving you to choice to find which one is best for your needs. We have two convenient locations near Sydney in Mascot and Rosebery, nearby Botany a fantastic massage is only mere minutes away! Thai massage Botany, Mascot locations are easy to get access so come on by today.

Our services include:
  • Traditional Thai Massage: Deep pressure thai massage techniques combining palms, hands, elbows, feet and knees used with stretching and bending in yoga positions to reduce tension and stress, relaxing the muscles.
  • Thai Deep Oil Massage: Deep pressure techniques with thai massage oil. Helps loosen joints, tone and stretch the body, reduce tension and stress in the muscles, relieve tightness, and induce feelings of full relaxation.
  • Aromatherapy Oil MassageGentle oil massage using fingertips and palms to apply pressure. These movements flow from one to another to stimulate blood circulation and induce deep relaxation.
  • Aromatherapy with Hot Stone MassageHeated flat and smooth stones are placed on key areas of the body. These stones are also used to massage your whole body, the heat relaxes the muscles and allows for a deeper, stronger massage. This massage helps to reduce or treat inflammation of swollen areas. It also helps rebalance the female and male energies in the body, restoring the body to a state or harmony.
  • Aromatherapy with Thai Hot Herbal MassageHeated herbals are placed on specific areas of the body, the herbs penetrate the skin and relax aching muscles through a relaxing aromatherapy massage. The heat helps relax the muscles, allowing for a more fulfilling massage.
  • Reflexology Foot MassagePressure point massage techniques are used mainly on the feet to restore flow of energy and remove blockages. These reflexology techniques can help address overall health problems. Neck and Shoulder massage is also included.
  • Head, Neck and Shoulder massage: A massage that can be for releasing stress and tension in your head. neck and shoulders or to relax the muscles with varying strength to suit your bodies wants and needs.

Thai Massage Mascot and Rosebery services are available 7 days a week from 10am- 9pm, so contact us now to book your massage.

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